Purple flower reaction on Facebook. What does it mean?
May 13, 2017 by Facebook Marketing, Online Marketing Tips

Facebook’s new feature : purple flower reaction. What does it mean?

Hey Facebook users, noticed the new purple flower reaction on your posts? Know what it is all about?

Social media has been the perfect place to vent out emotions, may it be anger or grief. Busy in our stressful lives, we often take our relationships for granted and often forget the importance of a very beautiful emotion that is gratitude or thankfulness.
“There is always something to be thankful for.”

Thanks to Facebook who understands that at times we must step out of our always complaining nature and express our hearty thanks for the beautiful blessings we have in our lives.

Facebook introduced the new purple flower reaction as a temporary thing a year ago. At that time, no-one knew what it was for or what it meant. We were all left wondering…

This year, Facebook has again come up with this throwback feature by adding this purple flower reaction in the already available list of reactions of like, love, wow, haha, angry & sad could give on a Facebook post.

The real meaning is actually really sweet. The purple flower reaction is to mark Mother’s Day which will be celebrated May 14 in more than 80 countries all over the world. It’s known as the ‘thankful’ reaction or an expression of being ‘grateful’. So it’s more of a digital gesture and a way to spread lovely violet thankyous across your Facebook feed. You can start on with the post you are just reading.

The social media company is also adding Mother’s Day filters to its camera app, similar to the ones seen on Snapchat. The filters will have themed frames and masks, according to CNET.

Now it is time to wait and watch what other emoticons Facebook can innovate and give it’s users an all new experience of social expression.

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