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Fake likes vs real audience – the real difference


Audience refers to the group of the spectators at a public event. Posting content on social networking sites is like speaking to an audience to your business from behind the curtain. The audience remains invisible to the business users but feedback through comments and likes on the posted content is what a business gets back from its audience. These audience can be fake or original.

Fake Audience (Equals to fake likes)

Fake audience refers to the audience which are not actually humans but some computer bots or some special computer programs acting like humans and having human-like names. When we refer to fake likes on social networking sites like Facebook it means the page is being liked by the computer bots/softwares and not by real humans. There are external services that offer packages for getting likes from fake accounts. Fake like peddlers tempt page admins with offers to buy like 10,000 likes or so at some cost.


  • Fake audience can’t be a potential customers.
  • They are fake or in-active and therefore not genuine users.
  • They won’t talk to you, won’t give you any feedback and hence won’t engage with your brand.
  • It might just add a temporary social media value to your brand.
  • It will increase your page likes but remember these likes are not genuine and not remain forever. These can be identified and remove any time.
  • By bragging rights and making yourself feel “important” on social networking sites only because you can get that majority likes is like fooling yourself as you yourself would know that actual people out there are not aware of your business yet.

Real Audience (Equals to real likes)

Original audience refers to the audience which is genuine. However getting fans who are real and genuine is not that difficult. It simply needs a focused approach. Like relevant posts with relevant content should be put on social networking sites so that people like, comment and share your page posts. This will in turn increase the audience reach.


  • It helps to build your brand.
  • It creates audience’s trust on your brand/business.
  • It creates potential customers and hence increase your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • It helps to incur more likes, comments and post sharings. (Real engagement)

If you are active members on social networking sites and want your pages to get genuine likes instead of fake likes, the best solution is KNOWNYMOUS. We have a dedicated team which will update your social networking sites regularly and will apply customised business strategies for content generation on these sites for you. This would help you to get genuine likes instead of fake likes and in turn will help your business grow.

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