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RSS Feed? All you need to know about RSS Feeds

You might have seen an orange box with three curves on many websites but you might have always wondered what it is for. May be you know what it is, but you don’t know how to use it or what it does. Don’t worry, this blog post will clear all the doubts in your mind.
This orange box with three curves is known as RSS which stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and some people like to say it “Rich Site Summary”. RSS or RSS feed is a faster way of getting updated track of all websites that you want. Many people access websites whose content changes frequently, for example news sites, product information pages or any particular blog. So, this web based technology is used to keep yourself updated with websites or blogs without even visiting them.
Earlier we used to bookmark the sites and then manually return to them to see their updated content .This process was really tedious as you have to go through each site yourself as a web server.
Most important aspect of RSS feed is that it provides content in chronological format i.e. new content at the top of the list and older at the bottom. Each item provides a title with complete description and a link to the webpage.

How RSS Or RSS Feeds Works?

RSS feeds are small xml text files that are compatible with many different machines/programs that allow the subscriber to view the updated content from their favourite website or aggregated data from different sites.
To use RSS we need to download RSS aggregators (sometime called RSS reader and RSS channels) which are computer programs that automatically access the RSS feeds from different websites.
For this you have to add the URL of the particular blog or site and the content automatically gets added to your RSS aggregator.
There are numerous aggregators existing. Some of them are listed below:
• Amphetadesk
• RSS feed Reader
• Newsgator
• My yahoo
• Bloglines
Today, many websites contain RSS feeds. It indicates the existence of RSS feed on home page or main new page with link to RSS.
RSS feed helps us in SEO and marketing because when you publish a post, the RSS feed can be received by other publishers who can then publish your content to their websites. This automatically works as a backlink for your site and helps in increasing the credibility of your site in search engines like Google.
Still finding it difficult to work with RSS? Don’t worry, leave it to the professionals and allow them to help you by setting and managing RSS on your website. Knownymous is an expert in RSS and other online marketing activities which help to boost your online presence. GET YOURSELF KNOWN THROUGH US, KNOWNYMOUS.

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